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Fresh Vegetables grown all season long await you from Paradise Within Farm.


As our neighbours we’re inviting you to join our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), where you, our neighbours/community, help support this farm by enrolling at the beginning of the season. In return you receive a box of beautiful, healthy seasonal vegetables and fruits weekly.


Over the past three years we've been expanding our farm with the view to growing more food for our community. Food grown in a chemical-free environment with only naturally sourced fertilizers to ensure the best that nature will produce that is what Paradise Within Farm offers.


This year more than ever it seems critical that Salt Spring farms produce food for Salt Spring residents. Self sufficiency of food production and food security for the island in these troubled times is what is needed.


Support this local farm  to ensure you have a yummy veggie filled box every week, value $567 (21 weeks, 10% discount with season subscription). 

Second option will be to pay weekly and have a box made for you and your family when you need it.

Box value $30. 

Box program will run June through to October. 

You can pick up your box at our farm or at Tuesday Market (Covid19 considering).

Free delivery in South Island.

If you have an interest please  contact us.

Shop, Eat and Enjoy local food • Support a Salt Spring Farm. 


Here on Salt Spring Island, we are blessed with a diverse and robust agricultural community.


To be part of one (the smaller one) of our famous Ganges Farmers Markets, puts us in concert with many of Salt Spring's best farmers each week.


Whether being of service to our loyal customers or simply the opportunity to mingle with our skilled and supportive farming neighbours, our Tuesdays afternoons are always rewarding.


We proudly offer a large selection of fruit, vegetables, preserves, flowers and perhaps soon, nuts. 


As soon as our first substantial harvest starts (some time in June) our farm stand opens. Locals and passersby come to shop in a non-commercial setting for organically grown farm fresh produce.


The Paradise Within Farm grows on a yearly basis perennials; asparagus, apples, blueberries, elder berries, plums, cherries, figs, hay, nuts, raspberries, strawberries. Our annuals crop includes, basil, beans, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, kale, lettuce, leeks, onions, melons, peppers (hot/sweet), potatoes, many varieties of squash,  and tomatoes.


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