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Our vision is to be a living example of a healthy community honouring the land, spirit and all beings.

Our mission is to create a framework and a way of life that allows newcomers and visitors to quickly feel and receive the benefits of our community village life.

Our purpose is to change the current direction of human self-destruction and social isolation through sharing our way of life and re-creating it in many communities throughout this planet.

A change is needed, rejuvenation...We aspire!


The Land- We started from raw land in 2010 by attaining an address, something this land never had before. It has taken years to plan and build all the roads, trails, fencing, buildings, sewer/power and irrigation systems from scratch. We now have a rather intensive 3.5 acres Permaculture-influenced garden/farm, (See Farm Stand page). The 26 acres of forestland provides endless variety and opportunity for wildcrafting and foraging. Wedged between the foreshore of the ocean and a neighbouring  1700 acre nature reserve demonstrates our beautifully unique location.

In 2012 we opened our gates to explore and share the opportunity to live in community and work towards ultimately reaching self sustainability. Those who have come have contributed greatly to our discovery of a different way of life. The meaningful awareness that comes from developing a community based, organic, permaculture-influenced farm is truly inspiring.