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There are five ways in which a person can be here at Paradise Within Farm. We really appreciate people who truly ‘show up’ and do what they say they are going to do. Meaning, that we support individuals to be fully present and contribute their unique gifts to the best of their abilities with the time and commitment available to them.

Visitors, Friends or Family Members

Understanding that Salt Spring Island, this farm and our neighbouring community is so captivating, we grant these individuals 2 days to acclimatize, explore and orient themselves. Then, as everyone knows, a working farm has no shortage of projects so…Let’s giddy up, start having fun and working together 


Facilitated Farm Helpers

Short term (2 weeks) Workaway /Help-X participants/ Wwoofers/

Farm Interns committed to an entire growing season.


Our work force becomes a fun contribution to our family, sharing meals, activities and working together to create an incredible, healthy lifestyle. Mutually beneficial agreements are created and everyone contributes to keep them realistic and honoured.

Community Members

This way of life is for those who truly appreciate living in community. These individuals are committed to contribute the bulk of their work week with us. Most often taking over the responsibility of certain aspects of our operation. Those on this path have committed to sharing the work load of not only our day-to-day chores but also to help us plan, design and execute the projects that move us forward towards complete self-sustainability. Co-creating unique written agreements, attending our bi-weekly heart circles, adhering to our proactive communication directives of the Four Agreements and compassionate communication (aka Non-Violent Communication) are all beneficial to contribute to our harmonious interactions.


Are those individuals who become community members and contribute their own resources to initiate their own agricultural endeavour, bringing us all community benefits. At least 10 acres more of prime agricultural land is available to the best business plans.


Investor Partners

Our local land use by-law allows for 3 primary residences on any farm larger than 20 hectares (49.5 acres). Therefore, we have created an investment framework for those compassionate and harmonious individuals whom have been community members for a minimum of one year.