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We aspire to be a self-sustaining, multi-generational community. We welcome other farmers, individuals, families and entrepreneurs who wish to contribute and co-develop all aspects of this gorgeous farm. We foster an appreciation for everything, the land and it’s natural environment are of the upmost importance but this deep gratitude extends to each of us, the larger community and the spirit within each of us. Another founding principal is to exceed expectations of giving to one another and to hold each other up in support in order to attain a truly fulfilling life for our community members. Presently, our community is small – there are 6 people who live here on a permanent basis. In the summer months we grow and expand not only in food production but also in human numbers with many visitors, farm workers, interns and friends who want to experience first hand an alternative way of life by farming and living in community. Thus discovering their own individual Paradise Within. 


Carlos Grooms


Carlos will be the first to admit that he is a dreamer. And that so far has worked quite well for him.


Having been successful at a number of various careers, the latest one, a farming community, is drawing on all his life experiences. He feels it is his most important and timely endeavour. It inspires the need for a strong community effort.


Truthfully, it was during the process of becoming a father that Carlos just knew that he needed to become way more self reliant. It was while researching for this vision that the most incredible parcel of farm land, found him. Stepping up to the responsibility of stewarding such a wonderful property is not only humbling and challenging, but also extremely exciting.


The land talks to those who listen.

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Satiya Channer

Satiya has had a green thumb and a love of gardening for many many years. Her career path in tourism management and event planning didn’t allow enough time for that simple pleasure. Her dream of more time to garden came true when in 2018 she stepped up to farming at Paradise Within Farm. Now she farms, leads yoga practices and yoga retreats on the farm as well as off-farm. Satiya is a certified Yoga Therapist and registered Yoga Teacher.


Jahluca & Tejas Grooms

"The Boyz"

What a wonderful gift it is to have “The Teen Spirit” on the farm.

Their varied interests and points of view are a constant reminder that what we have going on here at Paradise Within Farm is not the norm. Yeah for us!

Their 5 years in an alternative nature based non-school has given them a unique set of skills for wandering in our Rain Forest.


Their respect for spirit, community, rituals and this way of life always amazes us as seen through their teenage filter.



Budding builder, project manager, extraordinary organizer, summer staff supervisor, farm support, meditator and community member since June 2017. 


Consuelo Gundermann

Graphic artist, child minder, farm support and community member since July 2018.