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How to participate?

There are five ways in which a person can participate here at Paradise Within Farm. We really appreciate people who truly ‘show up’ and are engaged in the day to day processes that keep our community running smoothly. Meaning, that we support individuals to be fully present and contribute their unique gifts to the best of their abilities with the time and commitment available to them.

On-farm opportunities

Visitors, Friends or Family Members

All are welcome

Facilitated Farm Helpers

Short term (1+ month) / Workaway / Help-X / Wwoofers / Young Agrarians
Farm apprentices (committed to an entire growing season, or at least 3+ monthes)


Our volunteers and dedicated interns become contributors along with our long term residence and family to our full farming system. Each person takes on an aspect of our farm tasks and responsibilities and makes it their own. They make sure that component is running well and in sync with all other aspects of farm life. For instance, looking after our animals, berries, trees, herbs, rows of certain crops, irrigation and much more. We all support each other to support the farm so you're never looking after any component by yourself in preparation for their season.


We share meals together, activities and we work together to create an incredible, healthy lifestyle. Mutually beneficial agreements are created and everyone contributes to keep those agreements realistic and honoured.



Are those individuals who become community members and contribute their own resources to initiate their own agricultural or entrepreneurial endeavour which fits with the mission/vision statement of the Farm, to bring us all community benefits. At least 10 acres more of prime agricultural land is available to the best business plans.

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