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Our people

We aspire to be a self-sustaining, multi-generational community. We welcome other farmers, individuals, families and entrepreneurs who wish to contribute and co-develop all aspects of this gorgeous farm. We foster an appreciation for everything. The land and its natural environment are of the utmost importance and this deep gratitude extends to each of us, the larger community and the spirit within each of us. Another founding principle is “to exceed expectations of giving to one another” and to hold each other up in support in order to attain a truly fulfilling life for our community members.


A glimpse of our community

Join us for a month, a season or a decade...

Paradise With Farm is ready to welcome folks who are interested in Regenerative, Homesteading, Learning to Live in Community, Permaculture-inspired Farming, Reclamation Construction Building, Nature Exploration and just plain FUN Loving individuals! Come discover a different way - living out on the edge!!

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